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Terry Pratchett: The Spirit of Fantasy

Terry Pratchett: The Spirit of Fantasy - Craig Cabell 10/2012 I stand by my original review. I find this the weakest of the series by a long shot. Especially in the beginning, the dialogue is so clunky it hurts to read. I do like the old woman wearing the golden hare necklace, of course. And I'll say it again: a less-than-stellar Pratchett is still a damn fine book.11/2010 I love Tiffany, I really do. I love Pratchett. I did not love this book the way I thought I would. I wanted the Tiffany Aching books to end with a bang, not a whimper.Pratchett's a little off his game here- there are some bobbles in the flow of the prose, some jokes that fall flat, some phrases that grate upon the mental ear, some meant-to-be-clever bits that aren't so clever. It's funny in spots and poignant in spots but over the course of this book nobody changes- nobody grows. And the villain wasn't particularly fresh, especially in the context of the previous three novels starring Tiffany. I really enjoyed the new characters who joined us in this book, Preston in particular.I'm disappointed, but let me be perfectly clear that a slightly disappointing book by Terry Pratchett is a damn sight better than 80% of the dreck that's out there. I can't not recommend it.