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The Right & the Real

The Right & the Real - Joelle Anthony I couldn't put this one down, I read it in one go. The plotting is excellent, the protagonist clearly drawn and very believable. "Relatable", I think they are calling it these days. I was swept up and carried along, hoping for the best. I flat-out adored LaVon. I loved the backstory, and found myself speculating about the mom, and how Jamie might be wrong about her. I'm always up for a story about an evil church, and the church in this book does not fail to disappoint.My only (minor) complaint is that several of the adults are sketched in (mostly church people), in contrast with the easily differentiated kids- a not uncommon issue with YA books for me. I suspect that the adults are mere caricatures in the heads of many YA persons and this would not be an issue with the target audience.