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The Mouse and His Child

The Mouse and His Child - Russell Hoban, David Small As strange and disturbing as one expects from the pen of Hoban. This is closer to Riddley Walker, Expanded Edition than to Frances, for certain. It's deeply symbolic and I think that it would reward any number of readings. There's just so much going on beneath the surface, and listening to it was not the proper choice for a first go-round, as my mind sometimes wandered and I was constantly rewinding. Or whatever it's called now, backtracking? I don't know that I've got the fortitude to read it again, however, no matter how rewarding it would be.The characters are unbelievably complex, the situations thorny and portentous, the plot sometimes hard to winkle out of the beautiful prose. I loved the snapping turtle with all my heart and found the Child realistically whiny on occasion.It's a book I'll be thinking about for a long time.