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The Cat Who Walks through Walls

The Cat Who Walks Through Walls - Robert A. Heinlein Here's one I probably shouldn't have revisited. The narrator was not particularly good, in my opinion. He tended to hold the last word of each sentence too long. And it was annoying, as if he was trying for portentous but only managed pretentious. Getting beyond that, despite my longstanding reverence for all things RAH, this book just isn't very good. The women are all beautiful and competent but entirely dependent upon the opinions and guidance of their menfolk. I don't think RAH even noticed this, and probably fancied himself a feminist. I would have agreed as a teen, but my jaded middle-aged eyes see this differently now. Sir. The plot is a wandering mess, and unless one is intimately familiar with a great deal of Heinlein's Future History, most of the characters will be bewildering.Didn't hold up worth a damn. Now I wonder if it was always this bad. And I think maybe I'd best revisit the RAH shelf in my library, maybe I can get some space back.