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The Dry Divide

The Dry Divide - Ralph Moody, Tran Mawicke This one made me wonder some. Moody's so unwaveringly bright, so much more insightful than any other character in the book, so adept at every task he puts his hand to- he's a better loan officer than the banker, a better bookkeeper than the accountant, a better horseman than the rancher, a better milker than the dairymaid, and so on. It got somewhat monotonous, listening to this 20-year-old kid teach everyone else their business.I understand that he's using his life to illuminate the wonders and rewards of hard work and sheer grit. I get it. I just don't know that I believe it all, especially since a little research shows that he didn't write this series till he was well into his 50s. I suspect a little bit of euphoric recall crept in after he married a woman who wouldn't allow him to do any ranching at all.Still an interesting historical perspective, but not my favorite.