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The Saracen Lamp

The Saracen Lamp - Ruth M. Arthur 12/2011 This is one of my all-time favorites. It may well be where I first learned of The Black Death, which went on to become a passion of mine. It is certainly where I first heard of the Crusades, and where I learned about the Saracens. It's where I learned how Henry Tudor's sacking of the monasteries affected the populace at large, and any number of other historical curiosities that I was compelled to learn more about. Arthur is a fantastic writer, and her deft touch with the slightly spooky is perfect for the kid I was, and the woman I've become. I love this book beyond all reason, and when I read it now, I start to cry on about the second page and never stop with the furtive eye-wiping till I close the book with a sense of satisfaction and rightness and completion. Highly recommended, indeed.8/2007 Sadly, this classic novel is out of print. It's a wonderful, very British story of a house and 3 women who live there separated by hundreds of years. My favorite vignette is the first, set in the times of the Crusades and the Black Death. Arthur was a master of the gooseflesh-inducing tale and is in fine form here. Highly recommended, if you can find it.