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IIHF 2012 Guide and Record Book

IIHF 2012 Guide and Record Book - Andrew Podnieks, Iihf (Int'l Ice Hockey Federation) Revisiting this ten years after my initial reading was fascinating, especially the potato & marijuana sections. I recall thinking that Pollan sounded a little unhinged when he was talking about Monsanto's evil campaign to eradicate small farmers and the inherent dangers in various manipulations of seeds & genetics by Monsanto. Ten years on, he sounds prescient and perhaps a bit conservative. There's been a huge pendulum swing with weed- when Pollan wrote this, the US was in one of its crazed drug-prosecution moments, sending people to the Big House for minuscule amounts of marijuana. Now, I drive by 3 or 4 medical cannabis dispensaries every day. I wonder, too, about the relative potencies of different strains of marijuana and the selective breeding that Pollan discusses here- I've never pursued this info, though I suppose it's available.I love his tone which is not folksy but is certainly collegial and warm. Stellar writing, delightful subject. I would love to see an updated version of this one.