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The Queen's Progress

The Queen's Progress - 'Celeste Davidson Mannis',  'Bagram Ibatoulline' The word that kept springing to mind was sumptuous. The illustrations are rich, rich, rich! The fashions are intense and meticulously reproduced. There's a mischievous dog on most of the pages- sometimes biting a bad guy, sometimes running off with the sausages. The dual narrative works really well- there's a simple-ish rhyming alphabet, then a bit more of an explanation of the times and the people in a box on the same or the facing page. It all comes together in a delightful Tudor panoply. The Tudor era is one I've read much about- I've been fascinated by the era since I was small, and to see it from this perspective was a treat. For all the biographies I've read of Elizabeth, though, this was the first time I'd seen Thomasina mentioned. I'm intrigued by this female jester who apparently served under both Mary and Elizabeth. It's a lovely book, highly recommended for both Elizabethan fans and fashion geeks.