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A Blue So Dark

A Blue So Dark - Holly Schindler This is one of the more intense books I've read lately. I was pulled in and held mesmerized throughout. The characters are so real, so broken and so translucent it was impossible to look away. Even when I wanted so much to look away.Aura is given a lot to deal with here, her mother's descent into mental illness most notably. This book is the story of how Aura's life comes apart despite her best efforts. It's really well-done, it's really dark, it's a grueling read.A few minor quibbles: I didn't quite buy the dad, even through a 15-year-old's filters. I don't think Schindler's been around too many real skateboarders, the "paint my board" thing was unlikely in the extreme since the top of boards are covered in sandpaper-like grip tape, and the bottoms get scraped clean of the factory designs in just hours. Recommended, if you can take the darkness.