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Dylan Thomas: A New Life, Library Edition

Dylan Thomas: A New Life, Library Edition - Andrew Lycett I've been listening to this at bedtime for a couple of months. It's not an ideal way to read a new book, as each night I would have to figure out where I fell asleep the night before, and start over from there. The story of Thomas' life is not a happy one, as probably everyone knows. There are some parts of this bio that felt pretty judgmental to me- there are several times something gratuitous is added such as one character was introduced as homosexual, and then for no apparent reason we are given a précis of said character's partner's sexual kinks. The partner is otherwise not germane to the story, nor is the sexual orientation of the character. The narrator is lovely. His accents are gorgeous. There were times, half-asleep, that I thought I was actually listening to Thomas. Recommended for DT fans, but do yourself a favor and don't listen to it at bedtime.