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The Stars My Destination

The Stars My Destination - Alfred Bester I read this due to its inclusion on several "best-ever sci-fi" lists recently. It was written at the tail end the Golden Age, and there are oddities that read skewed to the modern eye. A female character named Jiz, for example. Yes, I giggled 3 out of every 4 times her name came up. Apparently I'm a twelve-year-old boy. The story is timeless- inner moral wrestling always is. The protagonist is thoroughly unlikeable. The world-building felt pretty incomplete to me, but the worlds were far less important than the geography of Gully's psyche, which was explored in detail.I can imagine how every sci-fi book that came out in the Golden Age must have been limned in letters of fire, the fans rabid and amazed. I can imagine this book was extraordinary when new. But for me it doesn't have the resonance of Sturgeon, Bradbury, Asimov or Heinlein. I can't say I liked it. I am glad I read it, but I won't re-read it.