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Homeland - Cory Doctorow I should never start a Doctorow book in the evening because I will surely be up all night alternately reading and pacing and Googling and despairing and hoping.This sequel to Little Brother is splendid. The technology bits make me frightened and determined to learn more. The story is gripping, the people (with the possible exception of Carrie because I just can't believe in that much evil- for my own tenuous sanity, I mean) are real and wonderful. The quiet defeat of Marcus' parents is heartbreakingly believable. The late-adolescent love stories are a welcome diversion throughout the narrative.Reading Doctorow now is, for me, a lot like what reading Heinlein was back in the day; there's plenty of preaching but since I'm already sitting in the choir loft, I'm happy to hear it. And I holler AMEN at every opportunity. Read this one, then give it to all the teenagers you know.