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Hiding Gladys (A Cleo Cooper Mystery)

Hiding Gladys (A Cleo Cooper Mystery) - Lee Mims This is my first-ever cozy mystery. I suspected I wouldn't like it. I told the nice woman handing out the ARCs of this at the ALA booth that I was quite sure this wasn't my thing. It was early on at the conference, though, and I hadn't quite perfected my stony but cheery "Not my thing, thanks!" dismissal. So I took this, and since I took it, I felt an obligation to read it. I can confirm that this is SO not my thing. As the publisher mentioned, the protagonist is not a typical gumshoe, but is a geologist by trade. Sadly, she's also got an ex-husband with whom she's not quite finished, and a slightly sinister handsome gentleman caller. There are bodies, there are many drinks, there are old women with gumption, there are oh, so many things I am bored with. I didn't find the writing style particularly engaging. There was so much telling. So much. People were always sitting in wingback chairs, or drinking Jack Daniel's Black Label whiskey. I don't feel qualified to select stars for the cozy mystery lovers, but I can say that for me it was a one-star sort of book. Next ALA, I'm perfecting my "NO THANK YOU" stance well in advance.