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VIII - H.M. Castor I got this book free at ALA Midwinter.I have to say that I whipsawed back and forth and back again with this book. When I first picked it up I was giddy, elated, crazy to have it in my hand. I'm a bit of a Tudor fan, you see, and this sounded so wonderful I could hardly wait to get home and crack it open. Then I started it and it was... first person? Present tense? Really? Ack. (I'm going to hate this book, I think.)But there was Elizabeth of York. And that precious boy, talking in a voice that rang true. Okay, maybe it will be all right after all. Then there were GHOSTS? Are you kidding me with the ghost of the princes in the Tower? and I thought oh, I hate this book.But there was Catherine, complex and interesting followed by Anne, even more complex and interesting. And poor Jane, ahh, poor sweet Jane. And so on. The ghosts continued to reappear, but after Anne they started to almost make sense. The last half of the book went like a whirlwind, which some reviewers have taken issue with. I suspect they are young readers, though, because from where I sit, I can state with full authority that the last half of all our books goes like a whirlwind. Ultimately, despite the (see spoilers, above) and the pacing and the present tense, I loved this book. Historically accurate yet fantastically imagined, I recommend it to Tudor fans of every age.