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Brother, Brother

Brother, Brother - Clay Carmichael I was crazy in love with Carmichael's [b:Wild Things|3172516|Wild Things|Clay Carmichael|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1291173121s/3172516.jpg|3204953] and subsequently had perhaps unreasonably high expectations for this one. While I enjoyed it, I certainly didn't love it. This read, to my eyes, much more like a first novel than did Wild Things. Bear in mind that I'm reading an uncorrected proof in January, and the book's not due til August. There may still be editing to be done. The characters are simply wonderful- full of depth and personality and backstory. That's another thing this novel has; backstory for days. The problem for me was suspending my disbelief far enough to buy the various joists underlying the floor of the narrative. I'm probably far too Midwestern to grasp the niceties (and non-niceties) of Southern life, especially among the privileged. There are some interesting questions raised about nature and nurture, about what parenting means, what family means, and how love can be expressed. That's all very solid and well-done.I look forward avidly to her third novel.