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Scarlet - A.C. Gaughen I'm not a huge Robin Hood fan, though of course I know the basics. This book turns many of those basics on their heads, in a fresh and engaging way. However, I thought the writing was clunky and repetitious. I got to the point where every time Scarlet referred to Rob's "ocean eyes" or any of the myriad men in love with Scarlet mentioned her "magic eyes" I wanted to fling the book into a deep pile of duff in Sherwood Forest. I didn't like it that I figured out who Scarlet actually was from the get-go. I found the love triangle(s) clunky and Scarlet's reactions inconsistent internally. Thinking about it further, her actions throughout were almost random- I could never get a real feel for what she would do next. The story had a lot of promise but I thought the execution was lacking.