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Wild Girls: A Novel

Wild Girls - Mary Stewart Atwell There are times when the serendipity offered up by the New Books shelf at the library causes me great joy, and there are times when it causes me to curse the day I ever learned to read. Today it's the latter. I am not sure what exactly I expected (something 70s, with free love, I think), but horror was certainly not on my list for today. I stay away from horror on purpose, mostly because it's, um, horrifying. I stuck with it for the first 150 pages, but then I started to skip and skim and peek through my fingers and flinch and shudder. Things caught on fire. People died in gruesome fashions. Old men were skeevy and good men were apathetic. Girls got knocked up and knocked down.Perhaps it's a good horror book, I don't know. I hated it. Maybe you'll like it. If you do, don't tell me.