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Stay - Nicola Griffith 11/2012 The ice is cracking in Aud. She's so sure she's got all the answers in the first book, and in this one she doesn't even know how to frame the question. I love the growth, the way the plot unspools, and all the fully-fleshed out minor characters. Not to mention the Narnia bits. 6/2009 In this book Aud becomes more human. Coping with tragedy, she begins to realize that it's not all black and white, not all controllable. She's still superhuman, still incredibly compelling to me, and Griffith's writing shines. It's taut and gripping, the situations are sordid but plenty believable, and the resolution satisfactory. I keep thinking maybe if I believe hard enough in Aud she will become real, like the Velveteen Rabbit.