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The Blue Place

The Blue Place - Nicola Griffith 11/2012 The last time I read this book I didn't register that there's a whole paragraph devoted to Hild of Whitby. This time, because I read Griffith's blog and I know she's working on a huge book about Hild, it leapt out at me and I grinned. It's hard to write about this one without spoilers, because so much of it concerns how situations affect Aud, how her authentic self plays hide and seek, and how the events form the chains they do. The prose is spectacular throughout. 6/2009 I love this book, with its hard-edged and icy prose, with its omni-competent but emotionally stunted protagonist, with its heart-wrenching plot twists. It's brutal, but it's also somehow comforting for me. I adore Aud in all her complicated, buttoned-up brilliance. I love how Griffith leaves all the right doors open, all the right things unresolved, and how beautifully she writes. This book is like a really bad cut with an extraordinarily sharp knife- you have no idea how far it's gone in until much, much later.