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The Fifth Sacred Thing

The Fifth Sacred Thing - Starhawk 11/2012 I find more to love each time I come back to this book, this time being no exception. I come to this book like water in the desert and it purifies and magnifies me.2/2011 Unequivocally, I love this book. I live inside it and believe in it with all my heart. It feels like home, the society depicted herein, with its collective collaborative hippie soul. Sure, it's preachy and even didactic in parts. I find I don't mind preachy, so long as I'm sitting in the choir.After reading the stark and scary natural histories I've been dipping into lately, this utopia of the possible- although it's a hard-won utopia indeed- feels comforting to me. I believe that people can work together and create a society which honors the earth and the sacred things thereupon, that people can honor one another and find new ways to relate to their environments. I have to believe it, otherwise I'd give up. This is the book I turn to when I think about giving up.3/2008 A re-read. I love this book unreservedly. I'm not particularly fond of the whole new age ideology. I'm not a believer in any of the recognizable religions, including Paganism. I worship at the altar of science. And yet I buy this book completely. I inhabit it like a second skin. This book is the rhetoric of hope, of redemption, of bravery and of transformation. I don't know if it's particularly well-written, I've never noticed in the score of times I've read it. I don't care if it's not. I fall in and am consumed.It helps that, religious overtones aside, I share the values espoused here. I'm a Utopian at heart, I suppose. Free love and tomatoes for everyone! Never thirst.