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Arcadia - Lauren Groff Pure, I kept thinking as I read, this is pure. The prose rings like a bell and howls like a dog. The seasons of Bit struck me as close to home as anything has these past few months, and I lived in him entire for these few days. The book begins with his early childhood, an early 70s commune seen through five year old eyes. From that base, we meet Bit again as an adolescent, then as a middle-aged man, and finally as he will be a few years from now. The world Groff built herein is so very believable, from the parts in the past to the parts in the near future, and that's one of the strengths of her novel. Her whole, believable, entirely alive characters are another. This isn't light reading, nor is it easy. This is a journey over time, over emotions, and over all the scary things one can conjure in a life. The reconciliation, (for one knows, almost from the first page that there must be some redemption somewhere), is breathtaking and sere and lovely.There are pieces that feel wedged in, and I'm knocking it half a star for those uneven spots. I may bump it back up on a re-read, but then again, I don't know that I can bear to re-read it. 4.5