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Betsy and the Great World (Betsy-Tacy)

Betsy and the Great World - Maud Hart Lovelace, Vera Neville 09/2012 Wendy asked me to review this from the point of view of someone without a passport, so...I love visiting pre-WWI Europe with Betsy, much the way I love visiting pre-WWII Greece with Gerald Durrell. I think that I will never see post WWII anything save the US, and it does make me sad, though I do think I get as much out of reading as a lot of people get out of actually being there. I love Betsy here although her dependence on men (any man! the passing man, the friendly nephew of the house, the millionaire aboard) is grating. The chapter from London makes me weep. The last few paragraphs make me stand up and shout.Such a lovely, lovely book. I wish I could see the world that Betsy saw.12/2009 When I was reading and re-reading this series every season as a kid, this is the book I flew through. I skimmed the tedious descriptions of pre-WWI Europe with a yawn, pined for Tacy and Tib and rolled my eyes at everything but Marco, Mrs. Main-Whittaker, and of course the glorious, perfect last chapter.This book began to change for me when I was in my mid-twenties, and it's become one of my favorites in the series. The rich and beautiful descriptions of a Europe forever vanished make me wistful, and so grateful that Maud chose to do so little foreshadowing. I still love Marco, though he wasn't right for Betsy. I'm more fascinated with Mrs. Main-Whittaker now that I know she was modeled on Rose Wilder Lane, and I simply adore this book start to finish. Betsy's Europe is idyllic in a lot of ways, even when she's homesick and lost. It annoys me that she's constantly being bailed out by gentlemen, too- but that's true to Betsy, and I have to honor that.But most of all... Best.Last.Chapter.Ever. Ever. No, I mean it. Ever.