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Betsy Was a Junior : A Betsy-Tacy High School Story

Betsy Was a Junior: A Betsy-Tacy High School Story  - Maud Hart Lovelace, Vera Neville 9/2012 As hard as this one is to read (because it rings so true) there are parts that I love as much as anything else in the series. This is the book which caused me to fall in love with Cab. And then the momentous scratching of the dance! And the postcard. There's a lot of growth in this book, and I love it though it's never going to be easy.12/2009 This particular book makes me want to reach through the years and shake Betsy so hard her teeth chatter. She's lost nearly all the ground she gained in the first two years of high school, she's flitting from interest to interest, she's just not focused- and yet, and yet... I love her so. Also, in this volume we are introduced to that exciting specimen, the Perfectly Awful Girl- to wit:"'Tony is suspended again,' Alice said.'What happened?''I hate to say it, but I believe he came to school when he'd been drinking. He goes into the saloons sometimes with that fast gang he runs with.''He's going around with a perfectly awful girl.'"But there is ultimately redemption:"'I believe that's it,' she thought. 'And the bright side of it is that you never slip down to quite the point you started climbing from. You always gain a little...'" Words to live by, indeed.