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Betsy Tacy (1st Harper Trophy Edition)

Betsy Tacy (1st Harper Trophy Edition) - Maud Hart Lovelace 9/2012 This book gets better every time I read it. 12/2009 I have loved this book so long I can't remember when first I read it. I certainly didn't have two numbers in my age. I've re-read it countless times, and every time I've read it as an adult, I marvel at Lovelace's skill. Told from the perspective of a five-year-old girl, it rings true on every possible level. Read from the perspective of a forty-five-year-old woman, it's poignant and heartbreaking and nostalgic and delightful. This is my first re-read since I made the journey back to Mankato (the real-life Deep Valley) and it's pretty wonderful to read about the houses in which I have stood, tears in my eyes. I cannot recommend this book, and the books which follow it, enough.