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The Green Book

The Green Book - Jill Paton Walsh Perhaps if I'd read this when I was 8. Before I'd ever read any other science fiction. But I would still have been bugged by the internal inconsistencies of the story, not to mention the huge gaping holes in it. So all they are going to eat is wheat flour and moth wing soup? ForEVER? And how could they not know how long the day was on a planet they had approached for months? And who was the mysterious Guide? And why didn't they talk among themselves about who was bringing which book before boarding the ship? Why did Pattie continue to misuse the word 'choose' after 4 years had passed? So much improbability, it's a wonder Arthur Dent didn't come through looking for a spot of tea.And it really bugged me that the illustrator hadn't read carefully. All the roof shingles in his illustrations were SQUARE. And the moths were entirely fairy-like, as opposed to the descriptions in the text. I say it's spinach.