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The Dark is Rising (The Dark is Rising, Book 2)

The Dark Is Rising (The Dark is Rising, #2) - Susan Cooper How could I have forgotten how wonderful this one is? I don't know why I never re-read it, but it's been on my shelf forever, and I always looked at it warmly, and in fact often said aloud, "Oh, I LOVE that book" but passed it by. Maybe I remembered how very scary it is- and oh, it is. The writing is brilliant, absolutely top-notch. There's not an extra word, and the words that are there are wrestled into new, glittering shapes both malevolent and benignant. The characters are similarly familiar, beloved and revered. And Herne. Of course. A perfectly splendid book, one that embraces Myth Incarnate and makes one understand and remember that all the stories we tell ourselves are somehow true.