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Then There Were Five (Melendy Quartet)

Then There Were Five - Elizabeth Enright 7/11Practically perfect, especially at the beginning of summer. I want a kitchen full of glowing canned goods, and a well full of gentians. I love, love, love this book. And we get to see Randy writing TATSINDA!1/10This is without a doubt my favorite Melendy book, what with all the botanizing. And the excitement of meeting Mark, and the evil Oren. The Melendy kids are a little more grown-up, and their world is so lovely that one wishes one could walk inside the pages and sleep in the cupola. Even the spectre of the war, which has taken Father to Washington for the duration, doesn't tarnish the magic. Enright's writing is lyrical and almost transcendent in places. Her ability to see to the heart of a person is magical, and unlike so many new writers, she peers into good and loving hearts. She looks deeply at the people one wants to know, and more importantly, the people one wants to be.It's because of Enright I can't look at a gentian without thinking of wells.Some lines:"Used-to doesn't mean anything any more, Randy. The used-to-world is all cut away from us now; floating away in the distance like a balloon or a bubble. It isn't real any longer. Perhaps it's a good thing that it's gone. I hope so.""Floating out of the dark, knocking against the overhang, came something so beautiful, so fairylike that Oliver hardly dared to breathe. The thing was a moth, but like no other moth that he had seen. Its wings were as wide as his two hands opened out, as frail as a pair of petals, and colored a pale, pale green: a moonlit silvery green."