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The Lingerie Handbook

The Lingerie Handbook - Rebecca Apsan;Sarah Stark I picked this up after having several discussions with a friend of mine who does not believe that the sports bra should be worn for anything other than sporting. I'm on the other side of that particular fence, so when I saw this book I thought it might be a chance to broaden my horizons.I came away unconvinced. I'm not the frills & furbelows type, and though Apsan kept insisting that there is, in fact, lingerie for every woman, her default seems to be feminine = coquettish. And her stubborn insistence that a woman must wear clothing to sleep in made me tired. I can't imagine that a thong could be comfortable. Washing things by hand is unthinkable. Wearing bike shorts under my clothing so my ass doesn't jiggle? Not happening. Ever.I am going to use her tips and tricks for measuring and see if there's a possibility that I hate my bras because they are the wrong size. I think I just hate them because they are bras. An interesting, if revolting, diversion.