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Breadcrumbs - Erin Mcguire, Anne Ursu Wendy recommended this one to me, and it's rare that a Wendy recommendation doesn't knock me out with either its goodness or its awfulness. This one, though, this one crawled into parts of me my conscious mind has no access to and stirred. I was entirely uncomfortable, scratchy and thick the whole time I was reading it. There were echoes and reverberations. I mostly think I hated it except it won't leave me alone, so I guess I didn't hate it exactly. There's not much about this book I can talk about coherently. I can say that I loved the literary allusions throughout. And the snow was done very well. The uncle, I liked the uncle. The rest of it? The rest of it is stomping around in my subconscious, doing god only knows what.Stars? What have stars to do with this? Oh, hell, I dunno. 4? Okay. 4.