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Wish You Were Eyre (Mother Daughter Book Club)

Wish You Were Eyre - Heather Vogel Frederick People who know me will be surprised to see me reading this non-dystopian, non-historical series, but I am friends with Heather, and it's always interesting to read outside one's comfort zone. The plotting was solid. I liked Cassidy best, natch.I had some trouble distinguishing the voices of the various characters at first, but that resolved as I got further in. Some of the characters remained more caricatures than not, most notably the "mean girl" Becca and her mother, the fat-assed Mrs. Chadwick. I also was put off by the fact that the size of her ass was so risible.I didn't like the characterization of things as "lame", primarily because I've recently been sensitized to this terminology- had I read it last year, it would have sailed over my head like "retard" in the 70s did.I enjoyed the Alcott allusions & trivia. I remain deeply loyal to Little Women despite its faults. Overall, an interesting excursion outside my milieu. I plan to read the whole series, especially the newest one which has the girls reading the Betsy-Tacy books.