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Mary Emma & Company (The Little Britches Series) [UNABRIDGED]

Mary Emma & Company [UNABRIDGED]  (The Little Britches Series) - Ralph Moody The fifth book in Moody's autobiographical series is the lightest one yet. The family has moved back east, and needs to make a living- not unlike what they needed to do in Colorado. This time, though, it's a tad more uneventful- and the illustrative stories are just a bit weak. I found the parts about Ralph getting his name written down in the "bad boy book" by the police to be interesting, and I wonder how his memory colored that- was there, in fact, such a book, and if so, could it have been so unfair? There were warm and wonderful passages, of course- but this book could have been twice as long and I would have liked more analysis of their situation and less sledding. On its own, it would probably be a 4 star book, but as part of the series, I'm knocking it down one by comparison.