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Naamah's Blessing (Kushiel's Legacy)

Naamah's Blessing - Jacqueline Carey I had a hard time with this third book in the Naamah Trilogy. It seemed so very formulaic to me, and it really dragged. There were times I despaired of finishing, so to help me get through it, I made up the Naamah's Blessing Drinking Game, which I include below. I don't recommend that any reader actually try to play it though, as they would be reeling drunk in next to no time.This is my least favorite of Carey's books by about a mile. Excuse me, a league. Moirin is a Mary Sue to end all Mary Sues, and the plot is not particularly satisfying. The big reveal in the jungle made me roll my eyes. The ending was lovely, however. 1.5, on the strength of the ending.Naamah's Blessing Drinking GameReader must drink wheneverMoirin says "the gods use their chosen hard"Bao is described as insolentSomeone notices that Moirin has a way with animalsMoirin feels her diadh-anam flicker, flare or jumpMoirin has an idea no one else thought of that saves them from disasterThe ruler of a country falls in love with Moirin at first sightMoirin calls the twilightBao fights a hardened warrior with only his stick and wins decisively Moirin inadvertently causes great goodness to happenThe eye color of Moirin or Phanuel is mentioned (two drinks if rushes or jade are referenced)The word destiny is usedMoirin pulls out her bow and with a well-aimed arrow, saves someoneBao's death and resurrection are mentionedSomeone wildly unlikely asks Moirin for advice and finds it incredibly wiseBao talks about the fat babies, round as dumplings that he and Moirin will someday haveThe ruler of a country confides his or her deepest secrets to MoirinMoirin refers to the twilight as a cloakTears streak down someone's cheeksMoirin and Bao's diadh-anams mingle and merge while Naamah's blessing spreads over them like a blanketThe ill-fated circle of Shalomon is mentionedThe ghost of Queen Jehanne comes to Moirin in a dream Someone who fails to take Moirin's advice diesSomeone suddenly begins speaking a new language fluentlySomeone brings up PhedreMoirin refers to herself as a half-breed bear witch