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Naamah's Curse

Naamah's Curse (Moirin Trilogy, #2) - Jacqueline Carey 8/2011 I wonder if I'm just cranky, but I found this, on my second reading, to be much less enjoyable than the first time through. The Mary Sue aspects of Moirin were really jarring. She's perfect, everyone loves her, she surmounts all obstacles and why? Because she has eyes as green as rushes? Because she can summon the twilight and enchant everyone? The Christian parts were just painfully preachy, and the rest was pretty unbelievable, though I stuck with it. Onward to #9. 2.5 stars, more or less.8/2010 On the face of it, this is a sweeping romance infused with lots and lots of of sex, but what it really is is an extended meditation on the nature of humanity's relationship to its gods. It's a surprisingly delicate story, even though the adventures Moirin endures generally beggar belief in that patented Carey way. The love between Moirin and Bao is believable and adorable and compelling. I found this book hard to put down, and I think I liked it better than the first. I look forward to reading this trilogy from start to finish when it's complete. 4 stars.