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The Black Stallion's Blood Bay Colt: (Reissue)

The Black Stallion's Blood Bay Colt - Walter Farley The annoying thing about reading this book at home is that every time my DH walked by he said, "What are you reading about a blood clot for?" Annoying husbandly dyslexia aside, this was one I hardly remembered at all, though I know I've read it a number of times. Bonfire, out of Volo Queen by The Black, is the star of this book, but the real standout is Bonfire's owner, Jimmy Creech. You couldn't ask for a better study of Borderline Personality Disorder, complicated by Really Vague Ulcer Diagnosis. The machinations that our hero, young Tom, and his elderly sidekick George, go through to keep Jimmy in nurses and good humor, are mind-boggling. The horse-racing, to me at this late date, was entirely secondary.