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Leavings: Poems

Leavings: Poems - Wendell Berry 7/2011 I picked this up because I remembered it had an exquisite poem about the death of a well-loved dog, and our neighborhood lost a sweet and irreplaceable canine icon this week. Once I had the book in my hand, I had to read the whole thing over again. Here's the poem I went looking for:Nell's small grave, openingat the garden's edge to receive herout of this world's sight forever,reopens many graves. Digging,the old man grieves for his old dogwith all the grief he knows,which seems again to be approachingenough, though he knows there is more.--4/2010 Two extraordinary poems in this collection, and for my money, that's a lot in a book. Berry's passionate here, so passionate that he loses some of his finely grained control over the words in his heat and hurry to tell the world how misguided it is. Not that I'm disagreeing with him, not a bit. Well worth a read.