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Susannah Rides Again (Susannah, #4)

Susannah Rides Again (Susannah, #4) - Muriel Denison,  Marguerite Bryan A very satisfying conclusion to the series- though I confess that I'd love to read Susannah Marries A Mountie! There's some of the disturbing Indian prejudice here when Little Chief makes a reappearance and tells Sue how he has had to embrace the (superior) white man's ways in order to become his awesomely cultured and handsome self.This tale, though, is mostly about kids trying to save the majestic old forests of Canada from the rapacious lumber barons, here as demonized as I've ever seen them. There's plenty of time for high jinks and hilarity in between impassioned speeches, though. And of course, the older teens in the story have some romance. I love these books for what they are, and I love the evocation of Canada at the turn of the last century, warts and all.